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A paradigm shift in leadership - #028


Episode #028

There’s an urgent need to develop sustainable leaders who take a seat at the table and who are able to lead and execute with a vision from the future. We need leaders who can reshape the future and it requires a change in mindset.

Rewired Global firmly believes that the concept of sustainable leadership is not only here to stay but it’s the only way forward.

In this episode of Wired to Win, Fernanda talks about the future of leadership and shows us how to become a sustainable leader that can connect the dots and manage holistically.


Today, we are talking about the urgent need of a paradigm shift in leadership, and I am showing you how to become a sustainable leader.

The next-generation of leaders must embark on a journey to become sustainable leaders. They must learn to balance, not only their work and life but world issues and complex problems.

The leaders of tomorrow need to clarify a purpose for the organisation that transcends their ego and build a strong culture that facilitates purpose-based decisions at all levels of the organisation.


Why there is an urgent need to change the way we lead

How to become a sustainable leader and why it matters

The pressure today’s leaders face and what will shift in the future of leadership

The type of leadership the world needs

How you can develop as a woman in leadership and create long-term value for your organisation

Why self-awareness is the most crucial skill needed to have impact and drive change


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