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Let’s take a sober look at why you are on the verge of burnout. 


You’ve reached an extraordinary level of success and despite your achievements, you feel empty inside. “Is this it?” You ask yourself. “Did I sacrifice my personal life, my family, my health, for this?”


Whatever your dream is and whatever you want your life and career to look like, it’s your business and no one else’s. 


But if I know you (which I have a feeling I do) you know your wellbeing matters. You get that your joy, your fulfillment and your personal life matter too. That no career success is worth the sacrifice if it means costing you your happiness.




You’ve paid an incredibly high price to get to where you are. Now you’re ready to enjoy your success too.


You’ve booked a call because you understand that the key to a fulfilling life is inside of you and you’re ready for real change. 


Let me be real though.



    If there’s a catch, this is it. There’s an application process to get in. We refuse to work with lazy people. This is non-negotiable. Our ideal client is an extreme implementer. She gets shit done and can follow through to get results. This program is not for complainers either. If everything is a problem for you and you’re always in victimhood then the doors are closed for you. It’s not for those wanting someone to mother them either. Yes, I’m a mom of three and no, I’m not your mom. This program is for highly-driven ambitious professional women who want to have sustainable success and are willing to do whatever it takes to lead a fulfilling life. They won’t settle for less.
    I’m not gonna sugar coat it. This program will rock your world and challenge you like never before. I don’t do coddling and even though my core value is kindness my goal is to hold you to your vision and help you unleash your capacity to perform sustainably from your highest level. That requires deep coaching and a no-B.S. approach. This program is only for those who are seriously committed to making their well being their priority. You’ve got to show up and do the work and you have to take radical responsibility. Our clients results speak for themselves. We have a 95% success rate, and there’s a reason why we are world leaders in what we do.
    No band-aids. No shortcuts. This is the real deal. We’re talking neuroplasticity in action and change from the inside out. A new identity. A new you. No more risk of burnout. No more managing symptoms. No more needing to “escape” from your life. Instead, finally enjoying your success and being your absolute best self, BOTH at work and at home.
    This is an ultra-premium program designed to support top women in leadership. The investment reflects the outcome. Right now there’s a huge cost to your problem. You’re paying a high price as it is. The price is your joy, your inner peace, time with your loved ones, your health, your well-being…in other words your life. What is your happiness worth to you? What is it worth to you to be your best self, to be fully present with your family and friends? What would it be worth to you to have more time to enjoy life? To be fully present with your kids and your partner? To feel excited, energized, fulfilled? To love your job and know that you are valued? Priceless if you ask me. Every single woman we’ve worked with has said the same thing. If there’s one investment in your life that will give you the biggest ROI – this is it. 



Before you’re invited to work with us, I need to check in with you that you’re fully committed. 


There are two kinds of women who show up wanting to get in:


  1. There’s the ”interested” one. She’s only willing to move forward if it’s convenient, if she feels she has time. She doesn’t see the overwhelming value of changing herself. She needs to be ready and she’s been trying to get ready for decades. She also needs to think about it, can absolutely NOT make a decision on the spot and she feels she needs to consult with her bestie, partner, therapist, sister, or shaman before making any decision. She will only do the work if she feels like it (…and ironically she never feels like it).  

Then there’s our ideal client:


  1. She’s committed to doing whatever it takes to reclaim her well-being, her joy, her fulfillment and inner power and become a sustainable leader and she won’t let anything stand in her way. She realizes that trying to figure it out on her own is a huge waste of her time and resources. She wants results NOW and she’s willing to do the work required. She takes full ownership and full responsibility and shows up in a powerful way. She’s ready to make a decision right now. She doesn’t need to think about it. She definitely understands that the cost of the problem is way bigger than the cost of the solution.

She’ll get invited.


If you can’t show up as your absolute best self and you’re not willing to invest time, resources and effort into changing your life, I want you to stop right here. Then this is NOT for you. Let me save you time and tell you the truth. We can’t help you. We’re not for you. 


But if you believe your well-being is your biggest priority and you’re ready to do this right now…


Let’s talk.


Here are your next steps:


  1. Fill out the Application Form
  2. Open your confirmation email and read the instructions carefully
  3. Show up for the call ready to take action in case you receive an invitation to join the program

Now you might be wondering:


”I can probably YouTube this for free and do it on my own.” 

Well, let me challenge you here. If you could, you would have already. But you haven’t. Right? If you have all the time in the world and you love doing research, reading tons of science papers, digging into hundreds of books on neuroplasticity and you enjoy testing again and again, then knock yourself out. But if you’re sick and tired of wasting years of your life trying to figure out how to “balance” work and life and the thought that you’re missing out on your one precious life is unbearable, it’s time to get support. It’s time to invest in world-class mentoring.


”I just want an easy quick fix”

Me too. I so wish there was a magic pill. The reality is that there is none and anyone offering you that is lying to you. There’s no other way but through. Through changing your brain, your identity and how you are doing this thing called work & life equation. Ignoring your neuropathways is exactly what got you here, unfulfilled, overworked, overwhelmed, stuck, frustrated and not enjoying your success. Instead, don’t change the way you work, rewire it and never look back.


”This sounds too good to be true.”

I agree and I kinda hate that it sounds so easy. But it’s not. Far from it actually. It takes persistence and hard work. I’m not gonna lie to you. This is not for the lazy ones. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart. That’s why we’re unapologetic about only working with the highly committed ones. Those are the ones that show up to actually do the work required to get extraordinary results. This is not for the ones who’d rather live a half-life and rather stay stuck. This is for women who want to enjoy their hard-earned success and don’t want to waste one more day feeling miserable and trapped in their high-powered careers.


If that’s you – fill out the form below and we’re excited to meet you on your breakthrough session!


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