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Calm - Focused - Balanced

Calm - Focused - Balanced

Overcoming Burnout: A Guided Meditation

Overcoming Burnout: A Guided Meditation


“When I enrolled in the Rewired program back in May of 2020, I was anxious and burned out. I had worked with coaches before with little success and was uncertain that this time would be any different. Within the first twelve weeks of coaching & with just a taste of what Fernanda’s guidance offered, I already experienced deep change in the way I approached my work and my life. I’ve now been through two sessions of year-long mastermind programs, and I can wholeheartedly say that Fernanda’s wisdom, intelligence, and approach to leadership has changed my life 1000% for the better.” 

– Sheila, Wealth Management (USA)

“I have been working with Fernanda for 4 years, with increasing intensity. The value I have derived from the mastermind programmes has been immeasurable. Fernanda has helped me to gain clarity on my goals, identify and overcome limiting beliefs, and develop actionable strategies for achieving success in both my personal and professional arena. I am making more informed and confident decisions across all areas of my life. Fernanda’s guidance and support has been invaluable in helping me to navigate through challenging times and make meaningful progress towards the life I want to live.”

– Candace, Entrepreneur (South Africa)

“What’s changed?  I have been consistently taking care of myself in a way that energizes and propels me.  I have shifted my mindset from a small-time player at work to a key strategic leader.  I have established myself as a thought leader in my industry and created visibility and impact.  I have increased my compensation by 30% over the last year.  My marriage has changed.  I spend so little time in frustration, comparison, and judgment compared to before.  I am grounded in who I am and it feels amazing.  I am cellularly grateful for Rewired. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made. ”

– Amy, Attorney/Senior Executive (USA)

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