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Can Women Really “Have it All? - #031


This week, Fernanda is examining the phenomenon of women “having it all.” Since the marketing world first introduced the phrase in the late 1970s, the idea of “having it all” has evolved into a cliché that can be both empowering and insulting.


Women in the C-suite and other top-level positions hear the phrase “having it all” frequently. But what does it even mean? And do we really want to have it all?


In this episode, Fernanda breaks down the history of this cliché and examines its unique ties to feminism. She also tells us why “having it all” is false and teaches us how to change our brains to reclaim our “all.”


One problem with “having it all” is that no true definition of “all” exists.


Finding a perfect balance between career success and family is an elusive task.


But a new generation of women in leadership is recognizing the profoundly problematic nature of seeking to “have it all” and addressing the imbalances in gender dynamics that make the belief we can “have it all” a fallacy.


Listen to learn how we got here and how we can re-wire our brains to find the right balance between our careers and personal lives.




  • The origins of the phrase “having it all” and how it was uniquely female from the start.
  • The evolution of the woman’s role in the workplace and family and how it led to a belief we could perfect both.
  • How Anne-Marie Slaughter exposed the hidden struggles of women working in Washington politics, and what her story teaches us about “having it all.”
  • The three lies society has told us that makes us believe the inability to “have it all” is entirely our fault.
  • The truths behind why women continue to face near-impossible standards of “having it all.”
  • How to re-wire your brain to recognize your real priorities, ditch the guilt, and start having it “all” right now. 


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