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“I look at every aspect of my life through that Rewired lens now. It’s transformational and life-changing, and I’m so grateful for it.”

“I look at every aspect of my life through that Rewired lens now. It’s transformational and life-changing, and I’m so grateful for it.”

Case Study Excerpt

Why did you join?

I can now call it a success story, but it started from a very dark place.
I was deep into burnout. I really didn’t know what was in store for me. I was in a place where I could not dream. I was in survival mode, constantly thinking about all I had to do. I was having a lot of trouble sleeping—even though I was physically, mentally, and psychologically exhausted, I was actually afraid to fall asleep because I did not know if I would be wake up the next day.
So when I tell you I was in a dark place, that’s what I mean.
I thought if I changed jobs things would be easier, and I’d have more work-life balance. But I always found myself doing the same things—getting too involved, demanding too much of myself, holding myself to unbelievable expectations. I kept asking myself, Why am I the way I am? Was I born this way? Or was I made this way from my life, my career?
It turns out I am a perfectionist—which I now know is the lowest standard to measure yourself against. I’d been trying so hard to avoid mistakes and work everything so that it was just right. And it turns out the only thing I perfected was burnout.

What’s been the most rewarding part of your membership?

You really do rewire your brain. You rewire the way you think, the way you show up for yourself each and every day. And once you learn it, you cannot lose it, you cannot go back. 
What I learned through the Rewired method is that it’s all in my head. Every day I can think, ‘How do I want to show up today? What do I want to achieve today?’
I’ve stopped wasting time on things that aren’t important to me or that don’t add long-term value to my life. I have a clarity and a focus on that drives how I approach everything that is in front of me. It’s been phenomenal. I look at every aspect of my life through that Rewired lens now. Who do I want to meet for lunch or dinner? How do I want to talk to my child so that my child behaves better or learns something? How can I lead my children and my team by example?
This experience was truly transformational and life-changing. I cannot go back, and I’m so grateful for it.

What is one of your most significant accomplishments to date?

I find myself in an observer state of mind. I’m no longer just an action-oriented person just doing and then thinking afterwards. Now I think more before I act. I am way more conscious of how I show up and how I appear. I choose my battles. I choose where I speak up and when I stay silent.
The other part that was so eye opening was that I came to the program thinking I was working towards that work-life balance—when I didn’t even know what it was. My kids were basically growing up by themselves, and I wasn’t aware of the example that I was setting—I didn’t notice how much they love me.
Now I’ve started paying a lot more attention to them, investing a lot more time, and it’s been so rewarding, like compounded return on investment. All of my relationships have improved, and most importantly is the relationship I have with myself. I went from thinking “I’m not good enough” to I accept myself for who I am. Wow. I did not think that one could do it so quickly—and here I am 12 weeks later, a different person with a whole new outlook and energy.
As for work, I thought my relationship with my team was great, but I knew it could be better. The best thing I can do for them is to lead by example. I still support them and also show them what is possible. People that used to be skeptical of me are now becoming fans of me. I’m not looking for that as a result, but it just seems to come naturally now that I show up first. It’s very nice to have my effort effortlessly recognized. As a perfectionist, I felt like I had to fight so hard and manage all the details to be seen. That’s no longer the case now—and thank goodness.

There is tremendous power and exponential growth being in a room with like minded women who are also incredibly competent and high achieving. How incredible to see them rewire their brains and come back into their true selves—then take those learnings and operate in their corporate setting or with their families on a very different level.

Learn how you can rewire your brain, advance your leadership skills, and give yourself the space to create an impactful legacy—starting today.

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