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How to stop doubting yourself all the time - #011


Episode #011

In today’s episode, we are talking about how to stop doubting yourself all the time, so you can finally hit your goals, unlock your hidden potential and live a life of ease and joy.

We dive deep into the one thing that is standing between where you are right now and the life you want.

And that ONE thing that is standing between you and everything you ever wanted is FEAR.

Yes, fear is what prevents you from reaching your full potential and it pushes you to settle for less.

Today, I will stand next to you and show you the mirror of truth so that you can finally see why you are addicted to your own suffering, and why it can feel so difficult to change.

As it turns out, the only way for you to get unstuck is to reclaim your confidence and become the best version of YOU.


What’s preventing you from living your life with more ease and joy and reaching your full potential?

Why fear is the only thing standing between you and everything you ever wanted.

How fear prevents you from reaching your full potential and living your life with more ease and joy.

What it means to be addicted to your own suffering and to your misery.

Why you always find an excuse to stay stuck even when you are presented with a solution.

Why you feel comfortable in your own suffering is because there is no risk.

Why it’s important for you to understand that there is a huge cost to living in fear and playing small.

Why, when you play small and settle you also give permission to others to play small and settle.

Why you will never change until you understand that change happens on the inside.

Why you need to take a stand for yourself.

Why nothing will ever change unless you acknowledge that what you’ve been doing hasn’t worked.

Why, when you work on your mindset you are able to go beyond your fear and achieve what others consider the impossible.

Why you need to start saying YES to your dreams if you want to make this year bigger than yourself


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