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Finding Your Core Beliefs to Become a Purpose Driven Leader - #038


We’ve been told all our lives to follow our passions. But what if that was the wrong advice? In this episode, Fernanda proposes an alternative: purpose


Purposeful, sustainable leaders derive meaning and fulfillment from living their core values instead of chasing passion. Purposeful leaders experience effective results that benefit not only their organizations and careers, but their happiness. 


By identifying our core values, we can uncover purpose that shapes our lives, decisions, and impacts. And by using the power of neuroplasticity, we can change and shape our core beliefs to curate the life we want.


In this episode, YOU’LL LEARN:


  • Why the old advice about turning your passion into a career is outdated and inaccurate.

  • Why money can’t provide fulfillment if your job lacks purpose.

  • How purpose is different from passion, and why it’s a more effective guidepost.

  • How a paradigm shift from passion to purpose can benefit your career *and* your personal life. – What core beliefs are, and how they connect to purposeful leadership.

  • How to identify your core beliefs and determine if they are helping or hurting you.

  • How to use neuroplasticity to rewire your brain to eradicate negative core beliefs and create positive ones.

  • And more!


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