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How to prevent burnout at work - #027

How to prevent burnout at work - Illustration


Episode #027

Today, we are talking about how to prevent burnout at work, the real cause of burnout and how to prevent it at work and in your life.

I’m super excited to talk about burnout, overwhelm and overworking because it is a topic I’m obsessed with. Mainly because it’s widely misunderstood and because it’s unnecessary. Yeah, you heard me right. Burnout is something avoidable and no, it’s not about working less or decreasing your workload…and NO, it’s not about having more work-life balance.

I’m totally fascinated by people who struggle with overwhelm and burnout year in and year out, and even more fascinated by people who choose to stay stuck in overwhelm and burnout, so stuck that it becomes their identity and their whole life story revolves around being burned out and overwhelmed.

The thing is that there is a solution and that’s exactly what I will be talking about today.

In this episode, you will learn how to prevent burnout at work. My goal is for you to understand why you always have a choice, you get to choose if you want a life of flow and freedom or if you want to stay stuck and frustrated in burnout and overwhelm.


The huge mistake people make when it comes to understanding the real cause of overwhelm and burnout

Why burnout and overwhelm is not caused by having too much work or being too busy

Why so many high-achieving individuals and ambitious, smart women are experiencing unfulfillment that is so deep that it’s crushing their souls

The reason why you can be stuck in burnout for years is that you continue to believe that you first need to change the outside so that you will feel well

Why going to therapy or to retreat so that you can get your energy back, never works

Why you always have a choice to stay in this cycle and perpetuate it for the rest of your life or you can choose to go to the root cause of this pattern and disrupt it

Why having an amazing life, feeling joy and freedom is a result of your own mental state

How overwhelm is not part of your life anymore once you learn how to manage your mental state

Why it’s always in your control to choose a different life, you get to choose if you want a life of flow and freedom or if you want to stay stuck and frustrated


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