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How to rewire your identity and
become the best version of you - #008


Episode #008

In this episode, I am talking about how to rewire your identity and become the best version of you.

This is the second part of episode 7: Why it’s so difficult to change (no matter how hard you try) where we dive deep into rewiring your identity and letting go of your identity thoughts.

Today I want to talk about your identity and not only about the things you believe to be true about yourself but also the things you stand for.

It turns out that we don’t only carry a lot of thoughts around our identity, but we also, by having a certain identity, we also have a certain level of standards.

Sometimes we are not very aware of what we stand for, sometimes we are super clear about it…regardless it’s a reflection of our identity.

Today I want to talk about this and also share with you what I stand for.

This episode will give you a deeper understanding of how to rewire your identity and become the best version of you.


How your identity impacts your standards.

How Sometimes you may not be aware of what you stand for and sometimes you can be super clear about it.

The painful lesson that I learned when I realized that I was actually helping people stay stuck in their comfort zone, believing they could absorb a transformation by doing a 5-day mini.

Why information is not enough if you need to solve a massive problem that you have been struggling for decades.

How my identity shifted and my standards changed when I realized what I stand for Transformation and not information.

Why transformation only happens when you step out of your comfort zone and there is a shift in your identity and what you believe about yourself.

Why coaching and investing in a mentor is priceless because it allows you to have someone from the outside help you step into a bigger version of you and see yourself from a different perspective.

Why you can’t YouTube your transformation.

Why only amateurs think they can do everything themselves free equals quality.

Why THE IDENTITY OF AN AMATEUR IS THIS. ”They believe that they just need information”.

Why the identity of the PRO is: ”This is who I’ll become by implementing”.

Why People are serious about having a transformation; understand that when you invest in a transformative experience, it’s not a cost but an investment of a lifetime.

Why, when you are ready to become the best version of yourself, you see mentoring as a way to fast track your results so you don’t waste years running around in circles.

The importance of understanding that the price of the investment is the cost you pay by staying stuck and missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime.

Why, when you invest in yourself, you are not only betting on yourself, but you are also open to receiving feedback that challenges your thinking and allows you to grow beyond what you thought was possible.


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