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How to Shave 10 Hours off Your Work Week - #033


How many hours a week do you work? Why do we keep overworking ourselves for little or no payoff, and why can’t we stop? In this episode of the Wired to Win podcast, Fernanda teaches listeners how to shave ten hours off their work week. Every week. From exploring the reasons behind overwork to looking at how other high-achieving executives spend their days to explaining how neuroplasticity and rewiring your brain can change the amount of time you spend on tasks, this episode is one you won’t want to miss.


  • How average CEOs spend their 60+ hour work weeks, from meetings to downtime.
  • The time management trends that many executives employ to increase their productivity and why they often fail out at a young age.
  • Why we engage in overworking, and how it can impact our mental and physical health.
  • Why most “productivity hacks” only work for a short period of time.
  • Which high-achieving executives and entrepreneurs have ditched overwork, and how it’s contributed to their success.
  • How to rewire your brain to stop equating accomplishment with extended hours.
  • How to use neuroplasticity to frame your to-do list in a new way and stop caring that it’s never “done”

    And more!


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