High-level coaching exclusively for women who want to lead themselves and others to greater success and become extraordinary at what they do.

It’s for women who want to blow their own mind.

It’s a mastermind for people like you, who KNOW that what it takes to go to the next level is consistency, perseverance, showing up daily – no matter the challenges.
The Lead with Soul Mastermind is a place where the accountability is daily and your results are measured on a weekly basis. It’s the place where you can’t hide. Where both your wins and setbacks are celebrated publicly.
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It’s a program that forces you to focus on the bottom line. Because that’s what leaders do.

They are forced to focus on results. On winning. On overcoming challenges and problems. They are forced to lead not only themselves but others through tough times.
They are forced to ignore their doubts and fears and they are forced to put their attention on the one thing that will move the needle.
Because you don’t need a different strategy or worse, a new tactic.


Hardwiring your Point B Person and conditioning this
new identity into your brain.
In other words…

You need more Lion Mind Reps under your belt in order to create extraordinary results.

If you’ve already achieved a certain level of success when it comes to your career or business, and you’re now ready to go to the next level, this mastermind is for you.
It’s a business & leadership AND accountability program that invites you to focus deeply, and narrowly, on creating results like never before.

More impact. More influence. More income. More freedom.

A year from now, when you’ve consistently focused on the bottom line - you’ll exceed even your own expectations.

The truth is there are a ton of masterminds out there. But there’s also a huge problem with them – most groups are not curated. There’s no accountability and no deep coaching. They just end up being a group of people who’re struggling and never really get anywhere.
They’re a waste of time.

You end up investing a lot of your precious attention on other struggling people...

…rather than actually creating results in your life, work and business.
The worst part? That you end up identifying with the struggling crowd. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been in some amazing masterminds too. But to get invited to those we’re talking a six figure investment (…and SO worth it if you ask me).
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I believe masterminds are everything.

Being surrounded by a group of extraordinary performers
and high-achievers is everything.
It can be the one thing that challenges you to break through every single limiting
belief you’ve had about yourself.

But there are pitfalls with masterminds.

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(when everyone’s invited!)
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(when everyone’s invited!)
Having a group of people who have been vetted and hand-picked is hands down the most important thing. You want to be surrounded by successful people who have a winning mindset.
People who are dreaming BIG and who want bigger RESULTS.
The other thing is having a leader who can keep the group narrowly focused on results and tangible outcomes. That’s what makes the difference. This is crucial.
I’ve seen the mistakes being made with masterminds again and again.
People invest $30,000 or $50,000 or even $100,000 in joining a mastermind group…but a year later?
Zero results and nothing to show for it. Still stuck. Same place. Different year.
The problem? The lack of focus on results and what it really takes to create a desired outcome. They get lost in the weeds of short-term tactics and they miss the relentless focus – which comes through having a Lion Mind – that is required to succeed.


A group, hand-picked, exclusively for Rewired grads who are seriously committed to themselves and to their dream – whether it’s more career success or building a business that hits multiple 6, 7, or 8-figures.
It’s for women who want MORE from themselves. Who can’t wait to lead themselves and others from the highest level. They want to crush it. They want to win at this thing called life.
Let’s talk about the Lead with Soul Mastermind.

Because I want you to join today.

First off, it’s for the woman who first and foremost wants to BE a world-class leader and for those of you who want results FAST. For those of you who want to create more abundance, more income and more impact.
What you DON’T get in the Lead with Soul Mastermind

If you’re looking for that,
then this is NOT a right fit for you.

You won’t get assigned an “accountability buddy” that you need to constantly coach and support – that drains your energy and ends up taking your time away from your own achievements.

This is not a place for therapy.

That’s right:
What you do get is a group of high-performers who are here to lead themselves and others with excellence.
Who takes full and radical responsibility CREATING EXTRAORDINARY RESULTS. It’s a high-level mastermind that truly keeps you focused on your biggest goals.
In other words…
This is a space for grown-up women.



There will be THREE areas of focus. Every area will last for 4 months.
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We begin with money mindset work. When you enroll in Lead with Soul you get my whole signature Rewired Money Program. It’s a 4-month intensive that will radically shift your finances and money mindset.
This deep and transformative program will teach you how to reclaim your finances, learn how to focus on the bottom line and create a path to wealth and abundance. This is one of my most impactful programs! It’s hard-core as it will deeply rewire your mindset around money and expand your earning potential.
The Rewired Money work is revolutionary and transformative. Our clients RAVE about this work!
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Then we’ll move into leadership. For 4 full months we’ll focus on the art of leading with soul by harnessing your energy. Leading yourself, your team or your clients. How to lead toward extraordinary results through the rewired method and from your Lion Mind.
The leadership training will challenge you like never before and help you take radical ownership of your results. It’s where we will integrate on a very practical level how to lead ourselves and others.
This is not an intellectual leadership program. On the contrary, it will be practical, super uncomfortable (yup, as we’ve learned this is the way to grow!) but take your leadership skills to ninja-level. Wanna become a leader people LOVE to follow? This is it.
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Lastly, we’ll step into creating impossible mindblowing results. These 4 months will be EPIC. We will master resilience, boundaries, flow and PLEASURE.
Brace yourself for uncomfortable conversations, miracles and exponential results. I will stretch you and challenge you for 4-months to create at full speed. Anything is possible and I’ll prove it to you. Can’t wait to see you blowing your own mind!

Being in an exclusive mastermind works phenomenally for a number of reasons:

You’ve paid, so you’ve got skin in the game.
I’ll say this again and again – never underestimate the power of being highly invested. It will move you into massive action.
Investing in yourself, at a level that makes you very uncomfortable (and hopefully sweat!), will unlock a new set of skills, resourcefulness and commitment that you’ve never would have been able to tap into unless you’d invested cash.
You’ve committed to YOUR DREAM for a full year.
This is not for those who wanna “test the waters” or have one foot in & one foot out. This is ‘ALL IN’ and a public commitment to showing up for 365 days.
You’ll be measuring and tracking your performance.
Bringing the data and studying the metrics to improve the future. Because that’s what professionals do. They look at hard data and numbers and make decisions from there. Zero drama.

The focus is on the bottom line. That’s what leaders focus on.


From day one in the mastermind you’ll be tracking your numbers. You’re going pro from the get-go.
You’ll learn how to create your own scorecard, measure your own achievements and lead yourself, your work, your business to breakthrough after breakthrough.
I take my clients’ results very seriously. Your success matters to me and to my team and we will hold you to your vision throughout the year.
That’s my promise to you. This mastermind is actionable. It’s results-driven. It will change your life.
And if it’s for you, you probably already know by now.
This is a group of committed ambitious soul-driven women leaders & entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey, committed to leading from the highest level.
Let’s talk about specifics.
Here’s how it works.
Lead with Soul includes:
Ok. Let’s get down to business.


The Lead with Soul Mastermind is worth millions of dollars. Seriously. Obviously I’m not gonna charge that. That would be insane.
To work with me privately is a $7,000/month investment. I mean, you get massive value from that kind of investment – don’t get me wrong – it’s worth every cent to pick my brain and tap into decades of intellectual property, business experience and mentoring at the highest level. Now, I’m not gonna charge you that.
But if we look at numbers:
$7,000 x 12 months = $84,000 a year.
That’s in range for what other masterminds charge for a full year.
I’m not charging that either
for Lead with Soul.
The investment for Lead with Soul is just $20,000 a year.
Obviously we love action takers and those who are decisive, so if you take action NOW, within 21 days of your graduation, we’ll take $8,000 OFF so it’s just an $12k investment.
And to make it easier for you you can pay in monthly installments of $1,150/month.
Amazing, right? We aim to serve and please.






For a 1-year mastermind at this level this is insanely low. Why so low? – you might be asking.


There is no catch. Honestly. Our goal is to serve you deeply and offer you the best we got. We really want you to join today and we’re giving you a huge incentive to do so. It’s that simple.
The truth is that information is free. You can get information freely everywhere. But wisdom, intellectual property and accountability is always worth paying for.
This opportunity to enroll in Lead with Soul at this low price will go away in when the time expire and next time it will be offered at a much higher price.
The best part?
If you enroll today you’ll be grandfathered in at this low price point.
Before you enroll you need to know this:
This is a ONE YEAR commitment to your dream. It’s a commitment to creating your Point B Vision and stepping into your full potential. Leading yourself from the highest level.
There are no refunds. But there are no remakes to your life either. Your life is not a dress rehearsal.
This is it.
My point is:

If not now, when?

And to sweeten the deal included
in your membership is the most amazing BONUS

A ticket to our LIVE EVENT

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We are doing a 2-day live event in Barcelona, Spain in May/June 2023 (For 2024 we have amazing plans TBA)

It’s (obviously) going to be EPIC and filled with breakthroughs, connections, laughter and deep friendships.

That’s why I’ve created Lead with Soul.
To give you a community, a sisterhood of ah-mazing rockstars and the incredible support to become your best self.
This is your chance to be grandfathered in at this price point. We’ve already increased the price twice and next time this is offered it will be at a much higher price.
This special invitation for 12-months of coaching for only $1,150/month will not be offered again.




“This has been an amazing experience (and quite frankly a steal). I think about how much other people pay for similar coaching programs and how much they get out of it, and this has been one of, If not the most, life-changing program I have ever participated in. I cannot say enough about how amazing this program is!”
“This mastermind is certainly the best investment in yourself that you can make.”
“It has completely changed my life and my business. I highly recommend it. It will be the best decision you ever make.”
“Do it. It is an investment in yourself and your future that will transform and create unimaginable opportunities and expansion and abundance. You will make an impact in a tremendous way.”
“I’ve done every Tony Robbins program, Jim Rohn seminars/programs, Zig Ziglar, Wayne Dyer…now I am so much more in tune with myself. I feel empowered to create any reality I choose and to enjoy doing it. If you’re considering joining this program or might be on the fence let me just say, Do it!”
“If you are looking for purpose and direction, freedom and to go deep with an incredible group of women, this program is for you. Imagine where you will be a year from now. There is nothing more powerful than investing in yourself.”
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