Unlock the 4 Simple Shifts High-Powered Women are Using Right Now to Prevent Burnout and Achieve Sustainable Success

(Without Sacrificing Everything They've Worked So Hard For)

I overcame burnout and I have literally transformed as a leader. I’m conquering things I never thought possible. I am thriving. My team is thriving.

- Giedre, Head of Legal (Luxembourg)

I used to be overworked, overwhelmed, and just over it. I could never relax and could not fully recharge. I was constantly doubting and critiquing myself – nothing would ever be good enough. The woman I am now is self-assured, intentional, and appreciative. I am truly a different person.

- Sydney, Senior Executive (US)

My kids see a happier me, with better boundaries with work. My co-workers has seen a big difference in me and how I’m showing up at a leadership level and commented on how I am more confident, calmer and happier.

- Erin, Account Director (US)

Hosted by Fernanda Lind, CEO

Fernanda Lind has a long-standing career as a senior executive at the highest level. She’s an award-winning entrepreneur and the host of the Wired to Win Podcast. She holds two master’s degrees (An MBA and a Master’s Degree in Dance).
With a highly successful career in the financial markets, managing a multi-billion-dollar portfolio, and with a decade-long background as a professional dancer performing at the highest level, she understands the pressures of working in a high-stakes environment.
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