In a single year you could BE the woman & SUPREME leader you always wanted to BE. FIERCE. UNCOMPROMISING. COURAGEOUS. FULL OF MAGIC.
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Sovereign is an intimate high-touch experience where


is the foundation.
“Sustainable means something that goes on for an extended amount of time, rather than peaking and then waning”
This is the next step for the woman who wants to be part of a powerful network and sisterhood.
Who wants to become the most OUTSTANDING woman in her sphere, while taking exquisite care of herself.
We need to start thinking of success more in terms of impact. Sustainable success is about making a difference.
In this hyper-curated mastermind you’ll get personalized coaching where we will focus on YOU as a leader, on how you can have sustained success while creating a bigger impact.
Bold leadership without burnout.
This is a private network for the most powerful women in leadership. The focus of Sovereign is radical ownership & sovereignty.
Sovereignty; supreme power or authority
Sovereign is about changing the face of leadership.
This is where women leaders go to sharpen their
inner skills & develop the inner qualities to become the leader of tomorrow.
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This is for the woman who expects the BEST from herself. The female leader who DESIRES excellence.

Drive change.

It’s for the woman who wants to MASTER the feminine & the masculine energies and experience more FULFILMENT AND JOY while making an impact and driving change.

Highest-level leadership.

This is for the woman who wants to take EXQUISITE care of herself, and her well-being so that she can lead from the highest level.

Sovereign is designed to strengthen your leadership, increase your impact & influence, and pave the way for sustainable success.

But right now it’s just a dream, right?


Every quarter will have a Lion Mind Archetype Focus.
We will begin the year with the EMPRESS ARCHETYPE and create the identity of a supreme leader.
In the second quarter we will activate the WARRIOR ARCHETYPE and build a foundation for success with balance.
Then we’ll explore in depth The HIGH-PRIESTESS and tap into our wisdom, our guidance and being of service, without sacrificing ourselves in the process.
The last quarter we will activate the WITCH. We will step into magic and PLAY with energies and the laws of creation to become the most OUTSTANDING woman in your sphere.

On top of these you also get:


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“Truly profound experience in Sovereign; it has changed my life by helping me clear out lifelong mental garbage and start to be the person I want to be. I know that may sound trite, but Sovereign has led me through a year of monumental transparency around my own s***. It’s given me a container and an operating rhythm to do the work, which is critical for a busy woman. And, most importantly, it has given me a committed, intimate, and authentic sisterhood. The small size and individual pledge of each woman to participate, to listen, to support, and to show up has been the key.

What’s changed? I have been consistently taking care of myself in a way that energizes and propels me. I have shifted my mindset from small-time player at work to a key strategic leader. I have established myself as a thought leader in my industry and created visibility and impact. I have increased my compensation by 30% over the last year and lived truly abundantly. My marriage has changed. I spend so little time in frustration, comparison and judgement compared to before. I am grounded in who I am and it feels amazing. I have taken action in my career and in wealth building that were just pipe dreams before. I have influence and impact. I am cellularly grateful for Rewired and for Sovereign. I know I attracted this amazing year in some way and can only say that trusting the process, following Fernanda and Rita and bonding with the other Sovereign women were the best decisions I’ve ever made.”
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“Entering to the practice of Rewired Global has been transformational to me. Every Mastermind has added tremendous value to my personal and professional development. Sovereign has firmly set up the solid foundations of a true sustainable woman leader, a point B reality that keeps evolving for me. The deep and profound study of the Archetypes has enable me with a better understanding of how these programs run in our minds. Of unmeasurable value, has helped me to identify the dog mind Archetypes programs that have been ruling my past self and how and when I can choose to activate the Lion Mind counterparts. Wow!!!!! So powerful and humbling. Sovereign integrates everything and provides amazing tools to support and unleash inner powers of women leaders. Makes you don’t ever want to stop the process identifying the many other sneaky layers that we can rewire and become unstoppable. There are not enough words to give you enough credit about Sovereign… my mind is already thinking about a year from now… I am in tears of joy.”
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“My time in Sovereign has been life changing. Fernanda and Rita did a beautiful job of facilitating and holding space, the group was there to provide witness, support, and help hold me accountable. What I’ve received on the other end of this year long journey is a sense of agency and grace I never dreamed of. I’ve moved into my life more fully, I don’t feel like my life is on one side of a glass wall and I’m on the other. There’s integration, calm neutrality, a deep understanding of how life works and a knowing that I can flow with it rather than fighting it all the time or having to figure everything out. I can rest in the knowledge I have the ability to create change, at any moment. Knowing that my life is my very own, I choose my actions and outcomes, and I do this from a place of strength. This knowledge changes everything. Today, I am living a rich life, filled with a depth I’ve been searching for.
Sovereign creates a container for transformative inner work with a small group of other women and it has the potential to draw that group into a space where profound connections are forged at a level not often experienced in this life. It is a precious, sacred gift. The women in my Sovereign group will remain connected for life because we know what we have is special. There is power in relationships like this, where your peers know you deeply because you share soul work together, it allows us to see each other clearly, with compassion and kindness. It has created a circle of support and a gift of sisterhood that is unparalleled.
Would I recommend Sovereign to other women? It is a year-long journey that will push you to your limits. Are you committed to doing the work deeply and honestly with others? Do you desire to be courageous in a way you’ve never had to be before? Are you willing to crawl through the depths of your own painful thinking to find a path to get to peace and a knowing in your bones that you can create whatever you want? You don’t have to answer all these questions with a resounding Yes! for Sovereign to be for you. I was terrified when I started Sovereign. If you are like me, afraid of saying yes, here’s one thing you can look for to see if it may be for you: there is a quiet, insistent voice in the back of your mind that tells you to go for it. That you don’t want to miss this. That this is something you need to do, even as it scares you to pieces. If that is you, recognize your fear and then say yes. You will not regret it. The gifts of the Sovereign journey are worth it, all that comes with saying yes and showing up. It has been a gift of a lifetime that I gave to myself, and I encourage you to give it to yourself as well.”


We will build a strong sustainable foundation where you’re taking impeccable care of yourself while stepping into world class leadership.
If you want INTIMATE coaching, if you desire QUANTUM growth into your Lion Mind Archetypes and EMBODY the feminine and masculine for world-class impact as a leader, while taking your self-care to the next level – this is for you.



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A 1,5-day intimate retreat with the women in Sovereign – in the days around the BIG Rewired Global Retreat in Barcelona (which is also included and happening in June, 2024)

*retreat flights and hotel is not included in the price
Want to experience what it’s like to be in proximity to Fernanda in an intimate setting? This is an experience of a lifetime. Expect breakthroughs, expect expansion. Expect a paradigm shift.

Life will never be the same after SOVEREIGN.






**Early Bird price with $5,000 off ends in 14 days**

The full price will be $20k.


Get all summer months in Lead with Soul for free!

When you enroll in Sovereign today, you’ll be part of Lead with Soul until we start. You’ll get all the calls and coaching for FREE until September.

If you currently have time left in Lead with Soul, we will deduct any paid but “unused” time on the Sovereign investment.

Email support@rewiredglobal.com for details.



*Payment plans available through Klarna



*Payment plans available through Klarna

*To pay in EUR, GBP or bank transfer, Klarna, etc. Email support@rewiredglobal.com

Pre-Enrolling for start end of September 2023.

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