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Stepping up, burning out: the sacrifice
of the executive woman - #029


Today, we are talking about the sacrifices of the executive woman, and I am teaching you how to stop making the sacrifices that leave you feeling queasy inside.

I have always been interested in the standards and ideals that seem to only apply to women in positions of power. Women who pursue high-power careers are often viewed as greedy, as “wanting it all,” and it’s assumed that other parts of our lives must be in disarray to account for our professional success. Sometimes, that’s true. There are many executives (men and women!) whose personal lives deteriorate at the same rate their careers grow.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. We don’t have to make sacrifices to succeed. All that’s needed is a mindset shift.

That’s right; we can change the narrative of the female executive from a one-dimensional, unfulfilled husk to one of a woman who is thriving.


How to dismantle the idea of “having it all” and shift to a mindset of being a human who deserves it all

Why lack of clarity is a top contributor to making repeated sacrifices in your professional life

How to use clarity to set and hold boundaries

Why so many women are taking on tasks that are not really required of them, and how to begin assessing the validity of your own “requirements.”

How to stop prioritizing your schedule and begin scheduling your priorities

Why taking responsibility for your own happiness is the only way to feel as if you are truly thriving.

How having a community is crucial to thriving both personally and professionally

Why it’s always in your control to choose a different life


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