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The Burnout Generation - #032


While burnout can affect anyone, specific populations are at a higher risk of feeling its sting.
People in highly stressful jobs and positions are often at risk of burnout. Millennials are particularly susceptible to feeling the symptoms of burnout.

Why, in the era of technology that makes jobs easier, are middle-aged millennials too burned out to enjoy it?

In short, millennials were born in a period of time that required more while providing less. They need more education to obtain entry-level jobs but lack options for affordable college. They need more to purchase a house but have less earnings. They need more time for mental health care and have less hours of personal time.


In this episode, Fernanda breaks down everything you need to know about millennial burnout and how to address it within your organization.



  • The history behind the “burnout” phenomenon, from the psychologist who first recognized it to its spread across the globe.
  • How the shift from an unstructured childhood to a productive one stressed millennials out at a young age.
  • Why millennials have it worse than the generations before them, despite every generation facing hardships.
  • The data behind the burnout.
  • How technology that millennials grew up with is now a factor contributing to their burnout.
  • Three things leaders can do TODAY to address burnout with millennials in their organization.
  • Three things leaders can build on for the future to prevent, acknowledge, and treat burnout.


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