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The Importance of Becoming a Sustainable Leader - #039


“Sustainability” has been a corporate buzzword for years. But corporations that embrace sustainability and make positive, lasting impacts on our world need sustainable leaders. With a critical eye on organizations to contribute to sustainability goals going forward, being a sustainable leader is no longer a trendy social media strategy-it’s a must. In this episode of Wired to Win, Fernanda tells us everything we need to know about the future of leadership and teaches us how to embrace sustainability to improve our lives, organizations, and communities.




Today, we are talking about the importance of becoming a sustainable leader, and I am teaching you how embracing this lifestyle of leadership is going to make you the best version of yourself.  


I’ve always been a proponent of sustainability. Success is only real if it’s sustainable. That applies to just about everything we talk about on the podcast, from avoiding burnout to navigating adversity intact. Not only is becoming a sustainable leader a very real and present demand from society, but it makes your well-being and drive sustainable, too.  


This is bigger than switching from printed memos to digital documents. It’s bigger than advocating for recycling and putting on a social media show. This is about real, meaningful sustainability. And that may seem overwhelming. But you’re probably already closer than you realize, and I’ll show you how. In this episode,



  • Why there is a current push toward sustainability, especially in leadership.

  • How embracing sustainability can afford you opportunities and benefits you’ve never thought possible.

  • The research behind successful sustainable leadership.

  • How you can recognize and cultivate the skills and qualities needed to become a sustainable leader.

  • Why sustainability in your corporate actions and avoiding burnout go hand-in-hand.


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