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The secret to creating work-life balance - #030


In this episode, we're diving into the idea of work-life balance.

Being an executive, a c-suite professional evokes images of corner offices, multiple-digit salaries and big responsibilities. It also implies the ability to work under pressure and to perform constantly, especially when the stakes are high; you're expected to deliver better results year after year, beating the competition while managing huge uncertainty and risk. This is the life of any entrepreneur too, by the way.

From my experience working in the financial markets, under private and public scrutiny and especially in times of crisis, the pressure to deliver every time was immense. There's no rest or "getting a break" for someone at this level.

Having a fulfilling personal life, having TIME for your loved ones and room to take care of yourself with such a trying work life doesn't even seem to be up for discussion, especially on those days where you jump from one thing to the next. Still, all you manage to accomplish is to feel stretched and overwhelmed.

Regardless of your position, whether you're the founder, the CEO, in the c-suit or a high-level senior executive leader…you juggle a lot. It's no joke what you're up against. Career, family, social circle, volunteer activities, your own interests and hobbies, and most importantly, your mental health and well-being—every day you face life's constant push and pull.

It's relentless.

The question is, HOW do we CHANGE the way we work and lead ourselves and others so we can reach our goals without the sacrifice?


Why it is so critical that we prevent burnout from happening in the first place

How we can have BOTH big professional goals AND a fulfilling, thriving personal life

How to LEAD from an integrated and ALIGNED being

How to be selective with where you put your attention and how you spend your time and attention

Why you have to understand and have awareness on how your mind works

The number one secret to creating work-life balance


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