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The True ’Villain’ And What You're Really Up Against

Fernanda Lind, September 09, 2022

If you look back at your life and your achievements. At your results and the lack of results. At the times when relationships didn’t work out, at moments when you found yourself in conflicts, at those periods when you struggled with balancing your big professional goals with your personal life.

What’s the one thing in common? What’s the common denominator?


Ha. I tricked you, but you get the point. 

It’s always been you.

The irony is that you’ve been looking for the problem in the wrong places all these years. Blaming your job, your boss, your partner, your parents, the economy, the kids…a colleague, or a friend.

Meanwhile, the real problem has been staring you right in the face every single day.

If you’re anything like me, this hits home and resonates at a soul-deep level. You might even have had your suspicions but you couldn’t pinpoint what was holding you back.

Now you know.

But let me elaborate…

Trying to change external circumstances is a full-time job doomed to fail. You end up behaving like a control freak, micro-managing everyone and everything, and still, at the end of the day…you are not happier or more fulfilled. On the contrary, you are resentful and you secretly start hating those around you.

But you keep at it because you’ve bought into the idea that the more you push and grind the more success will wait for you at the end.

And the cycle goes on.

You believe this is how life is and that there is no other way.


You give up on your dreams. You dim your light.

You believe that joy and fulfillment are just not in the cards for you. Massive career success? Sure. But a balanced, joyful life? Nah. And the worst part? That your own reptilian brain, which operates from a negativity bias, starts stacking the evidence as to why that is true.

But it’s far from the truth. It’s all a lie.

You kinda know that, though… there's a part of you that still believes that there is another way and that' having it all' is not reserved for the privileged ones.

Imagine if you could step into a way of being that is calm and grounded no matter the chaos that surrounds you and that you are fully present at every moment, even in extremely challenging situations.

You’re present at work, which allows you to perform at peak level consistently…and you’re fully present at home, with your loved ones.

Imagine having the emotional resilience to perform from the highest level no matter what’s at stake. 

If you had the mental capacity to direct your attention with intention to whatever problem that was put in front of you…what would be possible?

Let’s take a sec to pretend you are your absolute best version of you, that version of you where your potential is unleashed and your confidence is through the roof – that nothing is holding you back and that no matter what situation you’re put in front of you’re laser-focused and at your best…would you be on the verge of burnout then and settling for less?

No, of course not.

You’d be crushing it. Regardless of the circumstance. You’d be creating at full speed, being resourceful. You’d be someone who stands out as a leader and who will lead not only yourself but others to greatness.

You’d be taking the lead.

You’d be stepping into your power and into your voice with confidence. You’d be a world-class leader, one that is worth following.

You’d be the future of leadership.

You’d be a sought-after expert that commands a premium salary. You’d know the worth your work brings, and you’d speak with certainty and integrity.

These are the kind of leaders that are in high demand all over the world. This is the kind of person the world needs.

You might be freaking out a bit here, “I’m not a world-class leader”.

Well, what if you are? What if you just haven’t discovered who you really are yet?

A new job or a new boss or a new business idea won't change anything. The only one who has the capacity for change is YOU.

You are the problem, but you’re also the solution.

I’m not implying here that you need to change your personality or be someone you’re not. Again, this is not a ‘fake it til you make it’ strategy. I’m definitely not advising you to pretend to be someone you’re not.

What I am saying is that you need to remove the invisible barriers, the blocks that you didn’t even know were there, and step into your full potential. Not through working harder or changing your situation, but by changing from within.

Let’s take a peek behind your inner curtain and look at the limiting patterns that are keeping you stuck and (innocently) sabotaging any progress. I’ll show you how to reclaim your inner power and eliminate the crippling unconscious structures that are standing in your way from achieving those wildest dreams of yours.

I'll show you how to consistently perform at your highest level, even in the most challenging situation and create extraordinary results.

This training is my best work. And I’m offering it to you for FREE.

I promise you, it’ll be worth your time. Bring a pen and paper. Shut down distractions. Expect to be mindblown.

See you in class!


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