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What successful leaders do differently
(PART 1) - #022

What successful leaders do differently - Illustration


Episode #022

The two archetypes of leadership.

Today’s episode is part 1 of a 2 part series on the two archetypes of LEADERSHIP, and I dive deep into what successful leaders do differently.

I share the metaphor of the dog mind and the lion mind. I first heard about the concept of the dog mind and the lion mind from the Mind Body Awareness Project.

This metaphor is incredibly powerful because it shows you that you can have two states of mind, two states of consciousness.

This metaphor hit me hard. Mainly because I identified strongly with the dog mind.

Even though I was highly successful working in the financial markets, managing a billion-dollar portfolio, I realized that I had been ruled by my dog mind most of my life.

The dog mind and the lion mind represent the journey from unconscious to conscious.

In this episode, you will finally understand the mindset difference between the dog mind and the lion mind and what successful leaders do differently.


Understanding the difference between the dog and lion mind and how the lion is different because it has the ability to choose where to focus

How the dog mind and the lion mind represent the journey from unconscious to conscious, from surviving to THRIVING

Why, in order to go from unaware to conscious the biggest battle that you need to overcome is the battle with yourself

Why it all comes down to making one decision that will forever change your life

The reason why not everyone has the courage to invest in their personal transformation

Why, in order to cope with work and life we tend to stuff emotions like stress and doubt with things like food and shopping

How feelings of resentment and frustration show up when you feel disconnected from your own life because your current life does not match the vision of the life you desire

Why there is a defining moment, which is the moment that you make the decision that changes everything

Understanding the choice you have to claim your inner power and reclaim your freedom so that you can have more income and impact


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