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Why C-Suite Well-Being Matters - #037


Recent data reveals that C-suite executives are facing obstacles to their well-being leading to many leaders electing to leave their roles in search of better balance. In this episode of Wired to Win, Fernanda breaks down how the responsibilities and expectations of the C-suite have evolved over the past hundred years and explains how it’s affecting us. Plus, she teaches how to re-wire our brains’ relationship to work so we can prioritize our well-being and shift the future of leadership into one that is healthy and sustainable.




Today, we’re talking about well-being in the C-suite, and I’m teaching you how to re-wire your brain to prioritize your mental and physical health.


Top-tier executives have always carried large burdens on their shoulders, but the evolution of business and technology over the past couple of decades has pushed the C-suite toward a breaking point.


A recent survey from Deloitte revealed that seventy percent of C-suite employees were considering leaving their current roles in pursuit of one that supports their well-being. It’s clear that we need help reframing our relationship with work, and I’m here to help.



  •  How the role of C-suite executives has evolved from general management to highly specialized collaboration.

  • Why nearly two-thirds of C-suite leaders are citing serious concerns about their well-being in their current roles.

  • What the biggest barriers to well-being in the workplace are.

  • Why working longer hours and skipping vacations is one of the worst things you can do for your productivity.

  • How to re-wire your brain to recognize unrealistic expectations and set firm boundaries to protect your well-being.

  • Why passing on some career opportunities and goals may be the best thing you can do for your physical and mental health.


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