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Why Leadership Must Change (The Leadership Gap) - #036


Anyone in the top levels of a corporation has experienced their share of development opportunities: trainings, continuing education, corporate universities, online cohorts- you name it, we’ve seen it. In fact, the leadership development industry is a multi-billion-dollar-a-year machine. Why, then, are the returns on such development efforts so minimal? Allow me to introduce you to the leadership gap. In this episode of Wired to Win, I’ll tell you exactly why most development efforts fail, what needs to change, and how to get started.




Today, we are talking about the leadership gap, and I am spilling everything you need to know about why it exists, what needs to change to bridge it, and how you can get started.


Despite spending billions of dollars annually on development opportunities, few organizations see any real returns. Herein lies the leadership gap: the distance between the current state of leadership development practice and the leadership we need for success.


Bridging the leadership gap isn’t as simple as buying into the right curriculum and rolling it out corporation wide. It’s a complex and nuanced problem that has grown thanks to the hold traditional development approaches and executive roles have on us. Thankfully, the gap is not insurmountable. And in this week’s episode of Wired to Win, I’ll tell you why.  



  • What the leadership gap is and why it exists.

  • Why even billions in spending have failed to close this gap for most corporations.

  • What is missing from most trainings that could make all the difference to closing the gap.

  • Why top-level execs are at the root of the problem in most cases.

  • What skills and qualities we need to focus on to become leaders who leap across the gap and allow others to do the same.

  • How Rewired Global’s new The Rewired Woman Masterclass can provide you with the tools you need to bridge the gap.


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