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Why planning is not the key to your success - #009


Episode #009

In today’s episode, we are talking about why planning is not the key to your success and I will share why I don’t believe in planning. And with planning I mean the kind of planning that is all perfectly laid out, with steps and action items and that supposedly will lead you to an outcome.

I know all goal-setting experts and authorities tell you, you have to PLAN.

Fail to plan, plan to fail - or whatever it is they say. Right?

You don’t only need a strategy, but you also need a planner to plot down your plan.

I know you’re a high achiever and you have bigger things you want to create and accomplish.

You have dreams you only have and the truth is that Planning is not what will get you to your dream, to your goal, to your ultimate vision.

Once you understand why planning is not the key to your success, you will be open to seeing opportunities every day.


Why you can’t follow a step by step plan to CREATE extraordinary results.

Why it’s important to understand the difference between creating a blueprint and creating a life on your own terms.

Why you don’t need a planner to plot down your plan and add detailed action steps.

The importance of understanding that your dreams and goals are unique and not like anyone else’s.

Why planning is the ONE thing that kills your chances of achieving your dreams.

When you start to see life differently, more like universal intelligence, you will start to see that life does not care about your little perfectly laid out plan.

Understanding that everything changes when you stop micro-managing and planning and instead you focus your attention on opportunities.

Why, when you let go of planning, you start to be open to the present moment.

Why you need to be willing to operate in the darkness and let go of the HOW.

Why CLARITY is an illusion and we are always operating in the darkness.

Why it’s key to understand and trust that life and that you will be presented with the next step whenever you need it.

Why I focus all my energy and attention on my mindset which creates transformation and results.

Understanding that when you dial in your mindset and focus on the power of your mind, you can radically change your outside reality.

Why, when you let go of the planning and surrender you can start receiving the opportunities that life is constantly giving you.

How to invite curiosity to your life and allow it to guide you to your next step or idea.

Why you need to stop planning for a future that might never come and start living for the present moment and follow the opportunities that life throws at you.


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