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Why Visibility Matters For Leaders - #041


Visbility is an important component of growth in the C-suite. Executive visibility is the new expectation, not exception. Organizations want leaders who can be the face and voice of their brand. Consumers want corporate leadership with clearly defined values. And you want to position yourself as a thought leader. In this episode, Fernanda explains the importance of visibility in the C-suite, teaches you the pillars of visibility, and shares how embracing visibility can change your career-and life-for the better.


In this episode, YOU’LL LEARN:

  • What executive visibility is (it’s more than a decent Instagram following)

  • Why organizations and consumers are demanding visibility from the c-suite

  • What the data says about the impact of executive visibility

  • The four main pillars of visibility and how to strengthen each of them

  • Why the belief that ‘presence’ is innate is false, and how you can learn to embody it

  • Why becoming a visible executive while maintaining authenticity will improve your career and happiness
  • How visibility is integral to becoming a thought leader
  • And more!


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